FAA P21 & P145 AS 9100/AS9110 Implementation?


I could use some guidance please.
My company wishes to move forward with AS9100 and AS9110 implementation.
My experience taking part in QMS implementation at previous MRO is over a 15 years old but they will assign me this task anyway :>(
Company has 2 divisions, P21 & P145, separated as per FAA rules but use shared resources otherwise.
>FAA/EASA Part 145 Repair Station (MRO) but zero overhaul. We also provide aircraft completions services and installation certifications.
>FAA Part 21 Operations support a major OEM where we procure, finish and install we modify and install within their P21 assembly line.
Our mother company, Italy, holds numerous STC's which the OEM has incorporated into their aircraft. We support installations on their assembly line. We also manufacture/modify parts and assemblies for the OEM's P21 operations and provide technicians to support to both the OEM's P21 and P145 operations.
We do not hold any PMA's but will probably go down that path in future.
Kind of one big mess, no?
Aside from our P145 Repair Station Manual little to no "company" process and procedures exist. Guess I'll learn the latest from TeamFlow...
So, given that basic overview what direction should I prepare management take? Would AS9100 suffice of must we do dual cert including AS9110?
I will leave my current position and be assigned to this full time but I need to convince management to budget for an outside consultant to handle what I cannot.
Thank you much for helping me out.
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