FAA Requirement for Record Management

I am the Quality Manager for a start-up location, manufacturing aerospace seats and furniture, under a parent company's QMS using AS9100. The QMS, allows for either paper or electronic record management (as long as it is noted in the list of records as such). Since we are a new facility, we would like to go towards the electronic record management and not have to keep the paper records for the next 20 years. I've searched the FAA website (and searched here to see if anyone else has the question) and there does not seem to be a requirement for both paper and electronic records.

Our QMS requires that 1. all electronic documents have off-site backup (maintained by IT), 2. electronic system identifies each user through ID and password and IT disables access when employees leave company, 3. All records are available to FAA and regulatory agencies. This should meet any FAA requirement, correct? The rest of the requirements would be based on customer contract, correct?
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