Fabric Dying - Sample Technique - Sample size to check evenness of dyeing shade?


Uteesh Dhar - 2006

We are in business of fabric dyeing. This process is done lotwise depending on the capacity of the dyeing machine. What should be the sample size to check evenness of dyeing shade. The lot size usually is 1000 meters of fabric. This is with reference to ISO 9001:2000. Our certification audit is scheduled for 13th November 2000

Rick Goodson

This is a difficult one. Not an area I feel comfortable making recommendations about. Never the less, there is a very comprehensive (and expensive) book that may be of help. The book is Acceptance Sampling in Quality Control by Ed Schilling, ISBN 08247-13478 ($99 at Barnes and Noble). IMHO Ed Schilling probably knows more about sampling than anyone else. If you really need to have a statistically based sampling plan on this I would get hold of a copy of his book or try and contact him. Years ago he use to be assocuated with the University of Rochester in New York.

Hope this helps.

Laura M

Ed Schilling is on staff at the Rochester Institute of Technology. When I started at RIT in 1984 he was the Director of the Center for Quality and Applied Statistics (Possibly at U of R prior to that) He has since retired from the directors job, and on staff as a professor. Last I knew, he was still there, and dittos to Rick's comment about him being an expert in sampling.
This particular post sounds like a test question!
You may be able to reach Ed at 716-475-6990, or do a web search and hit the email.
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