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RE: Crib Storage areas

To what extent do these areas HAVE to be controlled / secure ? Is a "locked" facility enough? What if the facility is equipped with a lock, but normally is left unlocked during the work day to allow easier access to parts?

Would sign in/out sheets suffice for "documented methods for the transfer of the materials" ?


Tom Goetzinger

IMHO: Do what makes sense for your business, document it, and be prepared to justify your decision. In many cases, it is the more important that you considered the situation and made a decision then what the decision is. Be sure that you look at it from its impact on the quality of your product and service to your customer. The standard does not dictate exactly what you must do to meet the standard; that is left to decide what makes good business sense for your company.
The split registration audit offered by some registrars would give you the opportunity to have areas reviewed before the final audit; this allows you some time to correct some non-conformaces before the registration audit is complete. These non-conformances are recorded and indicated as closed, but it does give you a bit more time to address non-conformances in a sensible manner.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I agree with Tom. The important part, in my opinion, is:
...it is more important that you considered the situation and made a decision...
based upon your investigation (consideration) findings
...than what the decision is...
What you describe sounds fine to me - as long as it works. If folks are 'out of control' and they do no 'play by the rules', you may have to consider an alturnative.

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