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Facilities and Tooling Management



Dear All
From Note of 4.2.6 which quoted " The supplier should idenfity and define appropriate metrics to mornitor the effectiveness of existing operation"
I found the topic of Lyndon Diong posted on 12-29-98 but want to know mores, any ideas.
Narakorn R


Captain Nice
Staff member
I think we're just looking at your metrics and a few 'reasons' for things.. Remember - This is a laundry list in the spec. Materials should be monitoring metrics on things like storage and buffer inventory levels. Engineers should be able to assess current automation against its predicted capability (expectations based upon actual vs predicted through-put, etc.) and against 'the latest' equipment (technology) - you make decisions from time to time as to buying new equipment to replace old and you do comparisons.. Manufacturing should be monitoring line balance and such - what metrics do they use? Again - predicted vs actual, etc.

All this does not imply that, as an example, every plant is going to have detailed ergonomic investigations, necessarily.

Does this help??
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