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Failure nets - Same level effects


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Dear all, I would love your opinion once again on this situation.

Let's imagine a simple Actuator made of a Motor and a PCBA.

So that the Actuator Moves until it hits a hardstop, the PCBA should Switch-on & switch-off when motor stalls, while the motor should transform electrical power into rotation.

Now of course if the motor fails, like if it "Doesn't transform elec. power..." the actuator fails as it "doesn't move"

Likewise, if the PCBA "Doesn't Switch-off", the Actuator "Doesn't stop moving when hitting hardstop"

But here comes the issue, if the PCBA "Doesn't Switch-off", the motor will also get burnt, and it will therefore have the same failure as "Doesn't transform elec. power..." so that ultimately, the actuator fails too as it "doesn't move".

Now I wouldn't net the Motor failure as an effect to the PCBA failure, since they are on the same level and that would violate the Structural Integrity, so I normally net the failure of the PCBA directly to the Actuator failure, but one of my colleagues raised doubts on this. How do you handle this situation?



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