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Informational Family or Baseline PFMEA Rules

Nothing worse than a 3rd party auditor messing with a perfectly workable system. The FEMA book is for guidance, not law. Sensible modifications should be fine. Until that lazy auditor comes around and your "boxes don't match." Good luck.


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Hi all,

Thanks for your shared information. After studying this topic, I decided to provide family FMEA instead of many separated FMEAs in my organisation. At the start I faced a problem. I do not know how to input requirements in the FMEA form. May someone share a real family FMEA?
Another question:
What are differences between Generic (Foundation) FMEA and Family FMEA?

Thanks all


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So we are a stamper. There are several stamping "processes" we lay out -- blanking, forming, piercing, trimming, etc. But not every part goes thru every one of those processes. So we cut them out and only include the relevant stamping steps. But some parts get plated or painted or other processes. For those we keep in the FMEA in order to match the boxes in our process flow, but just note that they are not applicable.

As per Ron's concern regarding subsequent changes, we treat every submitted (daughter) FMEA as "obsolete" when printed. The parent FMEA is kept up to date with changes. If we need a new one for a previous part, we just cut and paste again. We did this because managing 100s of FMEAs was unworkable and we couldn't keep up with revisions when something changed.
Hi Golfman25,

I know this post is over a year old, but it appears we are trying to implement the same changes that you went through. We also happen to be a metal stamping manufacturer as well so our processes are practically identical:

1) Receiving
2) Setup
3) Stamping
4) Cleaning
5) Outside service (clean, heat treat, and/or plating)
6) Final Inspection
7) Pack & ship

I really like your idea of having one controlled master PFMEA and Process Flow. Our thought was to do the same thing, but how do you address different Severity ratings for the same process? - for example an Inside Diameter may be a CC on one part and would therefore have a higher severity rating than the ID for other parts. Or a part may have several inside diameters, but only one of them is a CC. I have a hard time seeing how a Master PFMEA could capture all of those differences. I can send you a PM if you are willing to talk further. Thank you!!
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