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So we have a master FMEA. It contains every operation we do, i.e.; blank, trim, coin, draw, extrude, etc. Now every part does not see every operation. So to make a part specific FMEA we just delete everything that isn't relevant. We can then modify any of the numbers as we deem necessary, but that rarely happens. Now here is the key. Once it is printed, it is obsolete. We put it in the part file for reference purposes. But all future updates are done on the master. That way we catch the issues that can be applied across all parts. We sit down yearly and review the master, tweaking it as we see things come up over the years. Over the past 20+ years we have gone back and forth and back and forth and finally settled on this as it seems to work really well for us. I am sure by the book "FMEA gurus" would have issues with it, but it works for us.

Thanks for the detailed response! That seems like a great system and in my opinion would actually be better at identifying and capturing process risks as they evolve over time - which after all is the purpose of a PFMEA.

I suppose for us and probably reunalla, we would need to have more of a hybrid situation so that we are identifying the ratings of special characteristics or requirements of individual parts. We can probably save a lot more headaches by leaving out drawing specifications and instead focusing on the process, as we discussed in this thread. This is something we are going to start doing as well.

We'll have one Master PFMEA - similar to what you are describing - which is continually updated. The part-specific PFMEAs will say "see Master PFMEA" for all the generic process steps, but will also include any special ratings or requirements.

I really like the idea that PFMEAs are "obsolete upon printing" and I think we should incorporate that into our policy somewhere. Like you said, we'll need to be creative.


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@Golfman25 It sounds very sensible and eliminates a lot of non-value add work trying to maintain many nearly identical FMEAs.
Thanks. It does. Took us about 10 years of back and forth to finally thrown in the towel and do it this way regardless of others opinions. :)
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