FaroArm vs. CMM (coordinate measuring machine) - Savings


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Does anyone have any data as far as savings associated with using a FaroArm for measurements in contrast to manual measurements. Looking for real info and not advertised info. Thanks in advance

Jim Webb

We have a FaroArm and have had if for four years. We purchased it when we were introducing a new product line that has eccentric moving features. The eccentric features are very hard to measure by manual means. The arm does work great for doing these features. Prior to the purchase we were sending the large casting out to be checked on a large CMM. The cost of just checking the eccentric features was approximately $450.00 a part. Our volume for the product line is 1800 units a year. If you wish you could private e-mail me and maybe a phone conversation would help.


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any other info out there?

We just received our issue of Forming and Fabricating, which contained an article about the FaroArm. I was asked to look into this as an alternative to a CMM. In this article, the author states a CMM would cost them between $300,000 and $500,000 and the FaroArm costs less than $60,000. I am assuming the need was for a very large CMM. 5 years ago, we priced CMM's and we were looking at around $60,000 for a complete system.

Any one else have any info?


Jim Webb

We bought a gantry CMM in 1989 and paid just under $70,000 for it. The size of the measuring envelope is 42”x 40”x 32”. We bought our first FaroArm in 1995 and paid $56,000 for it. Our 2nd FaroArm was bought in 2000 and was an upgrade and cost $24,000. The gantry machine is accurate within +/- .001” where the FaroArm is +/- .003”. Our FaroArm is the 8’ arm so we can measure much larger parts with it. I have been very happy with the FaroArm and the service that the company provides. If you want more info feel free to e-mail me.


We bought a Faro Arm Silver Series about 2 years ago and gave right at $35,000 for it. It has a 6' Arm on it.

Jim, it sounds like you got a better deal than we did.

We don't use ours no where near as much as the President wants us to. Everyone complains about it and that it isn't user friendly with measuring our product line.

Phil mil std

Is anyone one currently using the FARO ARM?

I need information on:

Ease of use.

Caliper or FARO ARM?

Time saved using FARO ARM (if any)


Thank you all,

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