Father of Elsmar Cove hits second SILVER


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I echo what the others had said and congratulate Marc for such a fantastic effort. I think it is the only surviving site of this nature.

Having said that, I think the biggest encouragement and reward you can give to him is to encourage more people (friends, colleagues and acquaintances) to come here and learn from each other.


Mazel Tov!

I feel less "alone" when I can come to this forum and hear from so many people with the same challenges and situations that I face on a daily basis. I have already recommended this site to a college student (lucky college students nowadays!) and will continue to spread the word...
Congratulations Marc ! Let this great service continue for more and more such silvers and beyond. Please bear with me for the delayed message...was on tour.


Hi all
congrats Marc for all and tremendous management of cove . for sure, Cove remain and welcome area where to interact, learn, enjoy and meet friends
thank you Marc and all of you for support and thanks
happy new year
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