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Hello, first of all I apologize if this topic is not related this section but I just related to it..
I work in a contract manufacturer and we are quoting a new project which is a kind of GPS tracker device, of course due function of the product there is an FCC requirement.
I used to work in automotive OEM but is different as we owned the design, my question now I'm in a contract manufacturer is:

The company I work now should/must get a certificate from an 3rd party to assure we are in compliance with the FCC regulation?
In my understanding the customer which is the owner of the product design must comply with the regulation and they must get the certification.

- We are just going to manufacture and test (not defined which kind tests yet, maybe some RF test ) the product and we need to get the legal/official documentation from customer about the certification of the product, am I right?
- In many cases the mechanical parts (plastic cover/housing) have already the FCC/IC homologation marks.
- In some other cases this info is printed in labels ans placed on the product.

This will be manufactured in Mexico and ship to US, I know due customs and import/export topics this documentation is needed, my second question is similar.
Does my company can use the documents from the customer? (as the design is from them and they will provide the evidence of the regulation compliance for US)
Or there is the need of get or generate some documentation locally? (parts will no be sell in Mexico, yet)

I hope someone can help me.
Thanks in advance for the support and feedback.


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Assuming the device only contains a GPS receiver and no transmitters, then no FCC certification is required,
A "Digital Device" must comply with EMC emissions limits of FCC part 15B
FCC labelling requirements are summarised in KDB 784748 and Supplier Declaration of Conformity, if appropriate, in KDB 896810
It does not matter who does the testing, but the company branding the product in their name is the responsible party
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