FCC Certification of an intentional radiator category products


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Hello Everyone,

Can anyone provide the specific reference of subparts with numbers regarding the FCC testing of the products which are working in the below mentioned frequency ranges with the reference to Title 47 - Part 15?

Frequency Ranges :
1) 32.7 kHz
2) 27.1 MHz
3) 32 MHz
4) 1.5-1.6 GHz
5) 2.4 GHz

Thanks in advance.


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You need to provide more information on the radios. For example, 1.5-1.6 GHz has both LTE and GNSS frequency allocations.


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The product for which I am asking the specific clause number is actually being developed to count how much cable/wire is used from the large rolls by placing it on them.

This device is having LTE to connect to the phone to get the data regarding the cable/wire length. Also it is having NFC to detect the roll.

So as its primary function do not rely on the wireless functionality, would it be considered as an unintentional radiator under the CFR 47 - Part 15 - Subpart B?


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The "non-radio" function needs to be authorised.
Any radio receivers operating below 960 MHz need to be authorized.
Radio transmitters need to be certified - though you can use 3rd party modules that already have FCC certification provided you adhere to any limitations and restrictions on the FCC Grant.

Your best bet would be to have a detailed discussion with a suitable FCC accredited test lab.


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The "non-radio" function needs to be authorised
Can you please provide more details regarding this?

Also incase the product's primary functionality is not dependent on radio then does the device falls under the unintentional radiator category?

our device have NFC to track the roll & also GPS & LTE to connect to the internet & upload the data to cloud after the completion of rotation cycle. Device also have Bluetooth to transmit/receive the signals. But it will not be on continuously.

Is it like if a device is having LTE, GPS & Bluetooth then it would be considered as an intentional radiator without considering the duration of its operation?


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It's an unintentional radiator whilst the radios are not transmitting, but because it contains transmitters they have to be considered and included in the overall product compliance.

Your product appears to have 5 radios in it.
Compliance could be quite complex and not something that can be reliably advised on across a public forum with little product information.
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