FDA approved Medical Devices for PVD and DLC Coatings




Not sure if this is the relevant place to ask - I am trying to find a list of medical devices and instruments that have been FDA approved for PVD and DLC coatings.

Does anyone know where I can find such list?




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I'm not aware of any specific list beyond looking at individual devices that you know to use PVD or DLC and then checking the FDA database

When you say PVD or DLC do you mean DLC's that have been applied by a PVD method? what about DLCs via CVD? The majority of MD's that I'm aware of use a CVD technique

Obvious places to start would be:
- heart valves - St Jude Medical
- orthopedic replacement joints - Integra

For orthopaedics I would focus on extremities; there have previously been a couple of DLC coated hip joints but they were academic in nature and not really commercialised, I don't think they were in the US/FDA either

It may be worth asking a moderator to move this into a new thread as it will gain more relevent attention instead of being buried in a thread about adhesives!


Thanks for the reply!
Yes it seems that I have a lot of leg work in-front of me, was hopping there would just be a list of approved coatings (FDA).

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