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According to QS9000 when is the appropriate time to do the Feasibility? Are you to do them prior to the actual quote, during contract review or after the quote and prior to actually receiving the contract(Customer Purchase Order)? Please help..... We are a certified QS9000 company, but we are falling short on the proper way of doing Feasibilities. And we are finding them difficult to do in a timely manner.

Al Dyer


It might be good to think of a two way approach to feasibility:

1: Feasibility during the quoting process to determine if the overall project is feasible and suitable to the company, given current business conditions.

2: Feasibility during the APQP process to finely define if the project is feasible with current systems in place or if new methods or systems need to be added to the current system.

Number 2 assumes that you already have a contract and is used to:

-feed information back to management about their quoting process that should be part of management review and continuous improvement.

-inform management that the quoting process needs to have a fully cross-functional product realization process. (sometimes we have to open management's eyes !!!)

If you email me I can send you a sample of both types of feasibility reviews.


Al Dyer
Mngt. Rep.

Howard Atkins

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We performe the Feasability review as part of the contaract review.
This ensures that it is done and gives management support.


Thanks for the info and I am emailing you Al so you may forward you examples. Thank again. Abailey
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