Feature-Based Processing Recommended Business Process Guideline (THE-5)



I just received the following notice from AIAG for those who may be interested.

"Feature-Based Processing Recommended Business Process Guideline (THE-5)

AIAG's THE-5 document provides an overview of Feature-Based Processing (FBP). Using FBP can significantly reduce the engineering effort required to maintain configuration control where a high degree of product variation exists. Significant reduction in part number maintenance and an improvement in cost control can be expected from implementing this process. This process allows OEMs and suppliers to manage the product lifecycle from a feature level instead of a top-level part number. The concept of FBP is to facilitate the development of modular designs, a primary strategy currently adopted by the OEMs. The THE-5, the first document to set a common practice for FBP, is a recommended method for managing products with a high degree of variation.

AIAG members can download this document FREE from AIAG's Members-Only Web Site at https://mows.aiag.org/ under the "Truck & Heavy Equipment Group" area of interest.

To purchase a hard copy of AIAG's "Feature-Based Processing Recommended Business Process Guideline (THE-5)," contact AIAG's Customer Service Department at (248) 358-3003.

Price: AIAG Members - $10.00, Non-members - $50.00."

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