Figure A.20 of IEC60601-1 about definition of "Hand-held" & "Portable"



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I have faced 1 problem for the definition of "Hand-held" & "Portable"
(For mechanical strength test, impact test is no need for "Hand-held" & impact test is need for"Portable")

As from IEC60601-1: 2005, no figure A.20

I guessed, from IEC 60601-1:2005 Amd 1, figure A.20 (new description for "hand-held") have implemented.

For our company device, it is intended to use by hand, it should be classified as "Hand-held". (Of course, patient may leave the device in table or bed (in home area) after setting), my test center said that our device should be classified as "Hand-held" & also "Portable", is it reasonable ?

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It is confusing, but it looks as if a equipment can be both hand held and portable.

However, the impact test is excluded for hand held parts. So even if considered both hand held and portable, the test does not apply.


Thanks for reply !

Out test center feedback that "As it considered both hand held and portable, the impact test is required.

At the same time, i also worry for IP test,
As from IEC60601-1-11 clause 8.3
hand held - IP22 and portable - IP21

According to test center's view, our device need to perform IP22 test


The diagram A.20 shows that handheld and portable can overlap. To decide which definitions apply is down to how the device is used "in normal use".

But, although handheld devices may avoid the impact test they are subject to a much more rigorous drop test (usually 1m instead of a few cm). And the impact test should only take a few seconds to perform!
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