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Final Dock Audit - Dock Audit (inspection) on every part number?



I completed my 3rd edition just yesterday and took a minor on Dock Audits. Here is what my registrar said:
Once sealed the containers do not have to be reopened. Basicly all you are checking for is correct labeling and correct containers. My PPM has been zero for the last 6 months down from a glith of 250. He still wanted dock audits done at least quarterly. He says there ar two ways to svhedule dock audits. Pick a random day and audit every thing that goes out the door. Or. what I am doing by job number and auditing, now, every quarter. I'm using my gage control data base to trigger dock audits like I do gage calibration. until the audit is done she gets a flashing message "you have gages due for calibration".

I'm really very curious, why did your auditor state 3 months for the dock audit frequency??? It sounds somewhat subjective???


Captain Nice
Staff member
Dock Audits in TS 16949:2000

Can someone please tell me what the status of Dock Audits is with respect to TS 16949?

How are they auditing this now?


I agree that I don't think your auditor can prescribe audit frequency for you!

Basically YOU can decide what to dock audit. We also produce a bulk material that it is simply not practical to "undo" and completely check every aspect of the product. So in dock audits we check packaging, labeling, obvious defect or damage to the product as it sits, etc. We've never had an audit problem with that concept.
Marc said:
Can someone please tell me what the status of Dock Audits is with respect to TS 16949?

How are they auditing this now?
IMO it won't be audited any different than with QS.

" - Product Audit: The organization shall audit products at appropriate stages of production and delivery to verify compliance to all specified requirements, such as product dimensions, functionality, packaging and labeling, at a defined frequency."

It is up to the organization to determine the extent and depth of product audits.


Our auditor told us that Product Audits as referred to in TS 16949 are different from Dock Audits. Now we have to audit the product from start to finish in the process, not just when it is in inventory or at the "Dock".


It IS different in TS, the requirement for a dock audit, per se, was removed in favor of auditing the product throughout the process. Which makes a lot of sense when you think about it - waiting until the stuff's about to head out the door is too late in the process. All us QS types cheered when we heard the dock audit requirement was removed - but that said, most of the QS to TS folks I've talked with are keeping the dock audit as part of their processes under TS anyway. Never hurts to have that last check! :p
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