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Final Dock Audit - Dock Audit (inspection) on every part number?

Manoj Mathur

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In my openion Dock audit and Poduct audit are two different audit. In TS2, What Product audit requires is "audit of a product at different stage of Manufacturing". I think dock audit is to audit for pacakaging and lebelling requirements. Further, I am attaching our product audit format wherein all the stages of production are being covered.


Our auditor is one of the "Overzealous" types that Sam referred to. His idea of "Dock Audit" is for us to crack open a box and re-measure all inspection checkpoints on a sampling of the parts, based on which parts we have issues with. He has threatened to write a major next time if he finds we aren't doing it as he wants us to. We are shorthanded (and are going to stay that way, no money for more employees) so we may be in trouble next audit (in Oct.). :(


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SteelWoman said:
I've always thought dock audits were a stupid requirement - it's like saying, "YES, we have 100% quality product, and YES we check it throughout it's processing..... but we're gonna check it again right before it goes on the truck just to be sure. "
I had a chance to corner Dan Reid at an ASQ conference right after the QS-9000 1998 edition came out. I asked him why the dock audit requirement had been added in, when the philosophy of the standard was supposed to be to control throughout the manufacturing process. His response was something along the lines of "the big three have QS-9000 certified suppliers now, but they are still getting too much defective product." Essentially it was added as a band-aid...
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