Finding Independent License Holder (Medical devices) in Philippines


Hi all, could you help me with this issue, I did search the internet but could not find:
I am finding an Independent License Holder (Medical devices) in the Philippines.

To make it clear:
- We are a medical device manufacturer outside of the Philippines.
- Distributors will be companies that buy products from us and sell them to hospitals/doctors.
- Independent License Holder is a third-party (Philippines) company that only does the medical device registration to PFDA and holds the license. It will provide the Letter of Authorization to the Distributors appointed by us. I am looking for these company names...

Thank you for any advice or information!


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There are a few regulatory consultancy firms operating in SEA, Arqon, Pacific Bridge, Asia Actual. You can check with them.
Full Disclosure: I do not represent any of the above companies, I just find the information on the websites useful.
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