Finding ISO 9001 Certified Suppliers - How can I find them?


Ted Black

I was wondering if anyone knew of any website where you can search for companies that are registered to a quality system standard. Sites where you could search by product or industry would be the most helpful. Our registrar (UL) has one but they only list companies certified by them. Any suggestions?

E Wall

Just Me!
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I know I have come accross several when using the 'WEB' search function, but I did not bookmark any. There was a common statement about only have suppliers listed that have 'registered', which I presume is a paid service for advertising.

This is just one I found by searching 'Supplier ISO Certified':
ISO Seek

I would recommend you use different search engines to get various hits for the most beneficial listings for you.

Good luck.

Ted Black

Thanks to both of you. I plan on visiting the sites to see for myself. My intent was to inform our purchasing agents so they can use it as a resource.

E Wall

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ISO seek not working properly

When checking to see if our company was on their listing, I found quite a number of problems on the ISOseek web site. This problem is compounded by them not having a contact listing at all.

A few of the problems I encountered:
1. Add my company - does not open to entry form as described in their directions.
2. several of the wb page links for suppliers lead back to the ISOseek home page


ISO 9000 seachable database

A really easy to use database--by any number of attributes is
the Quality Digest website with an international and North American list of certifications.
You may do a hundred or so searches a day for free. The only downside is that some registrars do not purge certifications, so there may be dupes.

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Randy Stewart

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Al Dyer

A note as to the content of the Quality Digest database. A former company in which I was the MR is listed twice, one by AQSR and one by Perry Johnson.

PJ registered them after AQSR washed their hands of them.

My hats off to the people of my former company that were able to take a non-functioning system with multiple majors, de-certification pending, and turning it around in 6 weeks. They passed the PJ audit without even a minor.

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