First Alert and Drive Right software



Hey ya'll, has anyone ever used either of these two programs (First Alert and Drive Right)?

I need to cram on all the info you can provide!



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I remember something similar posted before. I tried to search, but I'm getting way too many posts that come up to be valid. I would try reading, while you wait for a response, some of the Safety related threads and you may get get lucky. I would say within the last 4 or 5 months? Incidentally, I have been dabbling in safety and environmental since 1986, so I have acculuated some information on a variety of topics. I'm not a Randy but then again, who is?:vfunny: :ko: :smokin:


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True! True! They didn't even use a mold when they made me, I was hand formed and one of a kind;)

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Sorry, don’t know them.

Sounds like another glossy cover for operating to sound business practices. (you know, doing things like “in full, on time, right first time, to estimated price, to A1 specification, in a controlled risk environment) OR

Operating to clear objectives, using documented instructions, maintaining accurate records, and reviewing outcomes to ensure objectives remain relevant. OR ………

Invariably OHS systems are about managing the risk through hazard ID and control.


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I thought that Marc had posted inquiring about Drive Right when he was consulting for a fleet trucking company. Maybe it was when a company in England was thinking about dodging a tax by being creative with interpreting requirements involving ISO declaration involving vehicles. Actually, I'm trying to jog other memories regarding this. I'm sure its here somewhere. :bonk: :ko: :smokin:


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Thanks guys. I've gotten the info on them.

FIRST Alert is a software program for reporting incidents, and Drive Right is a software program that downloads driver information from a little black box that is installed in company vehicles.

I'm using them in my new job.;) I wanted to learn about them to ace the interview.
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