First Article Requirements for Revision Changes of Engineering



Hello Everyone,

I couldn't find an answer in older threads so I figured I would ask. I work in an Aerospace Manufacturing and Finish house and I am the SME for First Articles. I have been receiving a lot of push back from our upfront process on how to handle revision changes to engineering documents. It has always been my understanding that when engineering document gets rev'ed up (part list rev's from A to B...), we would create a partial FAI to capture the revision change and balloon anything that would directly effect the part. We are also receiving drawings that rev up due to the model and drawing being different from each other, but because we inspected the part to the model with a CMM a partial FAI is not required. Even though the first run FAI was ballooned to the now out of revision drawing. Am I wrong for requesting a partial FAI to be added to the planning to capture the revision changes?
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