First Round of QMS Internal Audits - Ethical Dilemma



thank you... so true. UPDATE since i wrote this post: Said manager is no longer with the company. A mutual parting of ways from what i understand. I have now inherited the mess, but without him here I was able to present the information to top leadership and the situation is now in their hands... I explained that I felt it was a risk to customer satisfaction and to our reputation to do nothing about aligning ourselves with a less than reputable cert body. Waiting to hear what they decide to do - i was told there are 3 options. 1 is to ride it out and continue to have me help manage, audit, build, and improve the QMS the way it is supposed to be and take no shortcuts - just PDCA all the way.... 2, is that they may decide to abandon formality all together and simply swap ISO 9001 "certified" for ISO 9001 "compliant" in all of our marketing materials, etc. 3, would be reinvesting in an accredited registrar and repeating the process with a new gap analysis, cert audit, etc. to ensure it is implemented properly. Either way, the decision lies in the hands of our BOD as part of our FY22 strategic directives, and i couldn't feel more relieved.... Thanks everybody for the feedback. This was a doozie!

BRILLIANT! Best of Luck!
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