Five S (5S) and the Toyota Production System




I know this is not part of ISO 9K:2K, but does anyone have any information regarding how to implement 5'S. I have seen it and am interested in implementing into a manufacuring company. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Hi Donna...

"Gemba Kaizen" by Masaaki Imai has a pretty good section on 5S. You might want to take a look at it.



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I notice that you are in Athens, Carrier Transicold has a 5 S program. You may want to get a hold of them.

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:) What are you looking for specific. Are you looking for the Japanese version or some thing to just appear more organized and disciplined. The Toyota production systems are all developed with 5-S in mind. The Japanese philosiphy is if you look unorganized you prob are. The overall view of 5-s is a snap shot of management. Are you moving that way or just inquiring? I have lots of stuff comming from 11 years with Toyota's systems and dealing with the Japanese.;) good luck may the force be with you!


While 5-S iis not 9001:2000 requirement it's implementation can support work environment and infrastructure

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Donna -

I lost a detailed response I typed up for you, but will try to do service with a shorter response (hoping my computer doesn't wig out and lose it too!)

We are using 5S as a tool for Lean Manufacturing (eliminating the source of waste in processes). We first told everyone about 5S, assembled a team, selected an application area and implemented the steps. From seeing what improvements have taken place, most of the nay-sayers have been put to rest and folks are begining to become excited about what they can do.

This week we're having a Kaizen Event, with 4 areas being tackled by 4 teams using 5S as a springboard, as well as QCPC. I am going to be very tied up this week, but will try to keep an eye on this thread to see if you post any more specific questions.


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If I remember correctly ISO 9004-2000 mentions 5 S. I just looked and this is my 100th posting.:p
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Didn't I read here somewhere that when you get to 100 posts that you are to send the moderators a bottle of whiskey?:lick:
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