Flammability EN 1021 - Polyurethane Foam that meets EN 1021-1 & 2



We are looking for polyurethane foam that meets EN 1021-1 & 2

Does anyone know if there is an equivalent or similar USA standard, automotive, airplane etc.?
We would like to purchase foam in the US that when tested would meet the EN 1021 standard.
Our purchasing department is having a hard time finding foam made in the US that would meet this standard, they can find foam that meets BS5852 that is very expensive and exceeds our requirements.
The idea is to use one foam for the US and Europe. We purchase the foam in sheets approximately 4’ x 8’ from ¼” to 2” thick.

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Foam production is such a global and competitive industry there are few domestic U.S. manufacturers left. A couple of leads would be to contact the pigment manufacturer Clariant or foam/resin supplier Huntsman.

Another indirect avenue of inquiry would be to ask an independent lab like Envortech (Richmond, IN) PH: 765-966-8068 and see if they could recommend a domestic client for you to consult with.

Good luck!
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