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Flexible controlled software method?



Has anyone heard of the flexible controlled software development method?

from: *** Dead Link Removed ***

"A combination of the rapid/joint development techniques with a disciplined software development life cycle."

If you have heard of it, what do you think of it? Do you know who came up with it?


This methodology is one that we have developed in our organization as it seems to best suit our customers needs for high quality product that is flexible enough to meet the needs of the customer. The most common, spiral and waterfall fell short for us and our customers. Our combined experience in Quality Assurance is more than 20 years, incorporation of the TQM methodology into our development is a natural progression. For a high level view of TQM check out: *** Dead Link Removed ***

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flexible software development

Is this method similar to the iterative method of development.

How maany iterations are allowed. If we allow n number of iterations then a t the time of audits we have to maintain that much number of change requests and also the traceability between the various phases (forward and backward) and ensure thast it is traceable.

This is a difficult task and an auditor can look for anon conformance.

From the auditing point fo view this method of development may not be suitable unless we fix the number of iterations ( say a maximum of two) then we cna maintain the deliverables and also chjange requests and ensure traceability

Views from others as to how to do in a quality audit with the external auditor
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