Flow meter for medical device application




So my company is currently revising a prototype respiratory device which incorporates two flow meters.

In the process of doing some V/V testing, I realized that we have no reliable way of calibrating these or accurately verifying their output. We have a different brand of flow meter, but it is no more accurate than those incorporated in the design and led to a debate of which one we trust more.

I am now in the market for a NIST traceable mass flow meter (similar to Alicat M series) to use as our standard to test with. Problem is, they're reasonably expensive ($1000+) and we have a small budget as we work mainly with non-profits.

What is the recommended course of action? Do we just use the secondary meter that we already have, look for more accurate (non-NIST) meters, or push for the investment in a NIST traceable model?



Could you look to rent a high spec meter?
Just for long enough to cover your V+V activities.

That would be a good short term solution, but my company is located in Vietnam and that is probably not a likely option.

We may also want to use this meter for calibration of internal meters during production.
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