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Flowchart - Incoming Sources of Variation, Product and Process Characteristics



One of our customers requires us to address incoming sources of variation, product characteristics , process characteristics in the process flowchart.
Can we say that the 5M's (Man , machine,method,milieu, measurement system ) that affect the product characteristics are called process characteristics ?
Then, what are the incoming sources of variation for any process?

Can some send me an example to illustrate the method of addressing process characteristics in the process flow chart , PFMEA and control plan.


Captain Nice
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Have you looked at the AIAG's manuals? Number your processes. Make a characteristics matrix which gives each characteristic a number or other ID. Have a column on the flow chart, control plan and Process FMEA for characteristic numbers for each process step.


hi Andrews
Process characteristics here refers to the key product requirements that are to be mapped against the required customer features. Ex:chemistry and microstructure, internal stress, temperature, variation in the input level..etc..all this constitutes the key characteristics.
C whether this file can be helpful or not...not an example really..but a procedure..




Take an example of heating a rawmaterial to bring the moisture levels within some specified limit before processing it further.

The product characteristic would be the percentage moisture at the end of the test and the process characteristics would be temperature and time.

The incoming source of variation would be the wrong raw material coming into the heating oven.

P Daniel

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