FMEA and Control Plan Software - Seeking advice


Michael Garnsey

FMEA and Control Plan Software

We are looking for a good, basic control plan FMEA software package. We do not really need a package that does a lot more than that, and I would prefer to find one that is fairly easy to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated- I have seen so many out there, and it is hard to know which ones are good, and which ones are all fluff-


Hi Michael
A couple of years ago I was looking for the same. I evaluated a few packages - some that were large and some more simple. All were "networkable," as is most in Windows. We were at the time developing an updated LAN, so almost any would do in that respect. Our business changed, so we ended up with Word 97 and a lot of paperwork - easy for each individual team, difficult to tie together and nearly impossible for our Doc Controller to manage. One group I liked was aQuA from OMNEX. It did Process Flow, FMEA, and Control Plans. It was in a data base format, every data list was a link, so any changes in one would change in the other related docs. It was only 2 or 3 disks (as I remember) and was not too difficult to use. Depending on the breadth of your business, you could utilize Office / Word or Wordperfect, each has hyperlink capability. I suggest looking in the back pages of Quality and Quality Progress magazines, there are usually many advertisements for software like you are looking at.

Roger Eastin

I have just received a 30 day trial of some FMEA training software from Resource Engineering. Does anyone else know of FMEA training software out there?


Fully vaccinated are you?

Give us a hint on whether it is any good or not. What's their web address? Did they send you a CD?

Roger Eastin

Yes, they sent me a CD and I will "playing" with it this afternoon. Their website is I'll let you know how it performs! We want to use it to help us train about 100 folks that will be involved with FMEAs, so we will use their server edition.

Roger Eastin

This training software looks good except it requires a sound card. Well, our PC's do not have sound cards! I guess it was a cost-cutting measure. To do what I need to do, I need several PC's (they are connected via a server) with access to this software. If you have sound card, however, I recommend that you evaluate this software package.

Richard Sadler

I'm currently looking into a software package called Proquis. It covers most aspects of quality system management (document control, calibration of test equipment, FMEA, personnel and training etc).
It's a modular system, so you can add 'extras' as you require. There is a website at
They do online quotations and you can get a multimedia CD. The CD isn't a demo of useable software, but it gives an idea of what it's capable of.
I'm having a demo of the software soon.
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