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Good Morning,

I have recently landed a job as a quality engineer and am unfamiliar with the terms ppap and fmea. Could you please tell me what these abbreviations stand for?

Thanks, Christine

Jim Biz

Christine - welcome to the group!

FMEA - Failure mode effect analysis
PPAP - Production Part Approval Process

In order to keep this short - Marc has been kind enough to post excellent information on these and other subjects in the FTP section of the site.

Because it appears you have just landed in the quality world - don't hesitate to ask for help/info - whatever (were all in this together). You may even decide to register to the forums when ya get time.

As a second thought .... Hmmm what company would hire a Quality Engineer that dosen't know what FMEA Means ???? (GRIN)


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barb butrym

Quite Involved in Discussions thought exactly..... :)

Christine...welcome. And feel free to join in. It actually helps for newbees to ask the questions that have been stale in the back of our minds for so long. Moves teh cob webs and lets us look at the reasoning we have accepted as fact...and may need new eyes.

Have just started looking at process capability again...have been away from that sort of stuff, and boy am I digging deep.

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Laura M

C'mon - we all started somewhere....I didn't know out of college....are the universities teaching the concept yet?


Jim Biz

Laura don't be too hard on us for inserting a bit o fun ... it's the end of a long week .....Yep - If I remember correctly ... one of the branches of "California State University" has a course offered online MS in Quality management...

In our area (midwest) the local community college has a fairly good collection of specific industry applications for Quality subjects..

Christine - if I might suggest a good overall reference is Jurans Quality Handbook - don't by any means read it all in one sitting (joke- Joke) but it would give you all the basic information you would need to get any program started... there are many other specific subject books out there .. but Juran's at least covers all subjects terms uses etc...


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