FMEA as a Confidential Document - PPAP Level 3 - Can the FMEA be hidden?


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If it helps...we would always show and give the FMEA...and it stated what could go wrong, with severity, etc.
The things we did to avoid or contain or detect these modes was referenced by internal document number...

The FMEA was not secret from the customer, but the other, referenced, internal documents were not available for perusal.

Essentially it said "this could go wrong, and we know it, and we're doing something about it...but we won't tell you what we're doing about it."
It caused some friction over the years (secrets always do), but it survived many customer interactions and is still in place today.


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This is what I have typically seen re: both FMEAs and control plans with the addition of not allowing any note taking.
As per my response, I hope your "company" does not have a customer return. You WILL pay for it in a tough environment. FEMAs can contain undefined confidentiality. Most "Confidential Information" companies think they have is really undisclosed public knowledge by other companies.
Consultant Experience speaking.


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Consultant Experience speaking.
Please don't try to "pull rank" here. Many of us are long time experienced consultants.

FYI - Consultant since the 1980's here and have worked with companies like Motorola, Harley Davidson, Borg Warner, etc. and have never had a problem. I have been in companies which will not even let customers in production areas, or that have curtained off (or literally separate factory areas) for various special/confidential process areas.

Every company decides what is confidential. That's one reason Benchmarking between companies can be a problem.

Yes, you must supply a DFMEA and/or a PFMEA. NO Questions about it!
This simply is not true, not withstanding something serious such as a government inquiry, and even there that doesn't mean it will be available to non-government officials.
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