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FMEA Detection Ratings - Multiple layers of acceptance?


Brian Myers

The difference between Knowledge and Wisdom...

JSW05 said:
I'm fairly liberal in my own review of supplier PFMEA documents; I would rather see evidence of defect-prevention efforts that make sense as opposed to a strictly orthodox PFMEA document that looks like it was put together by somnambulists. One thing I will never accept, however, is "trigger" RPNs. I've looked at literally thousands of these things, and one thing I can assure you is that if the trigger is RPN > Y, then the biggest RPN is likely to be Y - 5. Trigger values are self-fulfilling prophecies.

You will note I said "IF". :biglaugh:

My approach has always been one of prevention first, detection as backup. :agree1:

For those "uninitiated" in FMEA work, the system is set up for RPN Triggering. :mad: If you set your Triggers "blindly" and then run an "honest" FMEA you will find the triggers work MOST of the time. It is a place to start for those just beginning, until they learn how to really use the FMEA as a tool to improve, instead of just a chore to be completed.:whip:

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