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FMEA for Business Process


Such is the appetite towards FMEA (AIAG type) in our Organization :sarcasm: that one guy desperately wanted to conduct FMEA for a Business Process. I failed in my attempt to convince him of adapting a much simpler brainstorming session to identify risk and actionable items.

The objective of the process is Knowledge sharing among design groups through a portal where the designers can upload their knowledge material/design standards for other designers to use (we have some 1000 designers under the roof). The risk involved in the process ranges from losing confidentiality to wrong knowledge transfer, etc. Finally, we ended up doing FMEA with customised rating criteria and prioritized the actions.

It (FMEA) really is an activity worth doing, provided the objective is understood.
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Captain Nice
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Interesting aspect of looking at using an FMEA to assess a business process as you describe. I'm an avid FMEA proponent, so I would think it might be useful.

An FMEA can be done simply.

You say you ended up doing an FMEA with customized rating criteria and prioritized the actions. The question now is the follow through and how effective it is.

Also see: FMEA - Failure Modes and Effects Analysis


Thanks for the link.

While there exist so many Risk Assessment methodology, I believe FMEA is the most structured one, given that it takes into account the cause and control factors. We identified actionable items(in this context) such as every upload in the Knowledge forum will be scrutinized by a panel of technical experts to maintain the Quality of the input.

Also, to motivate guys towards sharing their Knowledge, there was a suggestion to incorporate 'Karma' of sorts (apparently from my side, thanks to Elsmar)

Now the big challenge, you rightly said, is the implementation part. It does require support and input from Designer fraternity amid their ever existing Mission of meeting project deadlines.


FMEA is a arranged strategy that guarantees that prospective item failing ways and their associated causes have been regarded and resolved. The FMEA procedure has been very effective in both the professional and army sectors.

An FMEA on a item style is known as a Design FMEA (DFMEA). DFMEAs predict failing ways, the detectability of the ways, and estimate harshness of the consequences. DFMEAs incorporate this information to pay attention to prospective style problems for remedial action. This strategy is targeted at styles which range from elements to systems.

An FMEA on a procedure is known as a Process FMEA (PFMEA). Similar to the DFMEA, the PFMEA anticipates failing ways, their detectability and intensity. However, the concentrate is on the procedure style itself—what might go wrong in the procedure, how that could effect the procedure performance, the providers, the resources, and/or the item in the line. This strategy is production or operation-focused and can be used to enhance the stability as well as of any manufacturer or business procedure.



I dont have one. Please post it in the main thread as you will not have any takers for this question here in blog.
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