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Hey Guys,

Can somebody help me in how to link the Design of Experiments and Poka-Yoke tools with an FMEA?

What should I do first? The FMEA then to apply these tools in the improvement of items with RPN more high? or apply first the DE and Poka-Yoke then apply the FMEA study?

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Manoj Mathur

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Linking of DOE and Poka-Yoke with FMEA.

DOE is one of the most Important problem solving tool and Poka-Yoke is Error Prevention tool. Regarding linking, Poka-Yoke could be used to reduce the rating of RPN indirectly. Effective Poka-Yoke would fatch early detection and no or very less occurance of Fault, which constitutes RPN. At this moment I am not able to link with DOE and FMEA. Can any body throw the light?
I feel, FMEA study should be conducted first and to reduce RPN one can use Poka-Yoke and not vice versa.


I agree with Manoj. Start with understanding your process as it is (FMEA) and use DOE to determine what action would have the greatest effect on process improvement. Be careful to look at the effect on the entire process as sometimes a "fix" for one problem creates another problem downstream. Whenever possible use Poka-Yoke in the arrived at action.


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I agree with Dave and Manoj.

The FMEA (System, Design, Process, Product, etc.) should point out the "opportunities" for DOEs and Poka-Yokes. As far as reducing RPN values - DOEs affect the OCCURENCE rating (possibly the SEVERITY in some cases) and Poka-Yokes affect the DETECTION rating.

As far as "linking" - the only method I know of is to physically go in to the FMEA and change the ratings.

Dave also makes a very important point. While DOEs need to have a pretty focused measurement outcome, you need to keep the rest of the part/process requirements "in the back of your head" and make sure none of them have been adversely affected.

Hope that helps.



FMEA, DOE & Poka-Yoke

Hello Guys,

I want to thank all of you for your kind responses. All of your opinions have given me a very better perspective about these items.

And so sorry for my late answer, that is because I was on vacation.

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