FMEA's - Severity and Classification of Print Characteristics


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During internal audits, I found the following situation: on a print, a characteristic has been identified as special (CC). Reviewing the FMEA, it is mentioned in two different places, in one, it has been identified as CC but not in the other one.. Same with the Severity, in the one identified as CC it has a severity of 10, but the other one, the severity is 8.

To be clear: the Characteristic is a dimension of a component => 770 mm +-5....
on the DFMEA:
* Component Too long => Severity =10 Classification = CC
* Component Too short => Severity =8 Classification = nothing

Talking to the responsible, he indicated that the effect of being too long is critical due to the component will not perform properly.. however, being too short, the component cannot be assembly so, there is actually no impact at all to final user.

What are your comments? Should the classification be CC for both? should the severity be the same in both places? Could it be like the person responsible did the definition?

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Treating the two failure modes differently for severity and classification makes perfect sense as they have different effects

Not knowing the component or it's final assembly function I can't comment on the correctness of the choices...
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