Foil Package Integrity Testing ISO 4074



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There is one requirement in ISO 4074 to test for foil package integrity of condom foil at absolute pressure 20 plus minus 5 kPa. We test the package using wet vacuum method.
However I was a bit curious about the pressure setting where our gauge showed a range from 0 to -30 in Hg. Can we we apply unit conversion to obtain in kPa unit, and how to address the absolute pressure issue?


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Re: Package integrity testing ISO 4074


760mmHg = 101.325kPa

0mmHg = 0kPa
-30mmHg = -4kPa

I think your gauge is showing gauge (relative) pressure. I'm not aware of an absolute negative pressure. In perfect vacuum you would have absolute pressure 0.

Absolute pressure 15-25kPa means a vacuum of about 85-75kPa (-75 to -85kPa relative pressure). It also depends on the barometric pressure at your geographic location, unless you test in a pressure regulated environment.

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