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For accredited labs that expect more - Certification of ISO/IEC 17025 assessors


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In particular, more from their assessors (regardless of which accrediting body).....

I know this would usually go in the certification forum, but since the effect is on accredited labs primarily, I thought I would put it here first.

A new personnel certification has been developed and will be released soon for certification of ISO/IEC 17025 assessors. It is a rigorus document and should serve to "raise the bar" of professionalism for accreditation assessors.

As soon as I have the press release I will post it, and provide some additional background as appropriate.


Greetings Hershal,

Thanks for the post. I am most interested in certification.
ACLASS last month offered a course however I was unable to attend.
I was most disappointed.
I am exceedingly interested in this as my employer very recently purchased the assets of another company for which I am responsible for achieving accreditation. I hope to have everything completed by our reassessment in March. I intend to have all three locations done at one time. :mg:
It will save on my travel costs at least. My brain will pay a high price tho…..:bonk:

So.. If you hear of any certifications preferably east of the Mississippi, please let me know.



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I shall pass along what I can can.....understand.....since I am Staff with an AB, I shall also be as neutral as I can be.....
Thanks for the information. Please keep us informed.

Also is there discussion of having the similar training for ISO 17020 and Guide 65? I have taken courses in through an AB for both 17020 and 17025.
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