Acronym FORD Acronyms (aka 'Initialisms' - Not Always True Acronyms) List


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1PP - First Phase of Production Prove-Out
4P - Production Part Proveout Program
AEP - All European Production
AIAG - Automotive Industry Action Group
AIM - Automated Issues Management
AIMS - Automated Issues Matrix System
APQP - Advanced Product and Quality Planning
ASN - Advanced Shipping Notice
AWS - Analytical Warranty System
BTS - Build-To-Schedule
C&E - Cause and Effect
CAD/CAM - Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing
CC - Critical Characteristic
CCA - Covisint Corporate Administrator
CHP - Carrier Holiday Pattern
CMMS3 - Common Material Management System
CORPFRM - World Wide Manufacturing Facilities R&M Forum
CP - Confirmation Prototype
Cpk - Process Capability Index
CPU - Cost Per Unit
CPV - Capacity Planning Volume
CSA - Corporate Security Administrator
CTQ - Critical to Quality
DC - Delivery Champion
DCI - Daily Call-In (Feinabruf)
DCP - Dynamic Control Planning
DDL - Direct Data Link
DETC - Disputed Excess Transportation Charge system
DFMEA - Design Failure Modes & Effects Analysis
DMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control -- 6 Sigma Problem solving
DPMO - Defect per Million Opportunities
DPU - Defect per Unit
DTD - Dock-To-Dock
DVP&R - Design Verification Plan and Report
EDC - Export Distribution Centre
eDDL - Web based front-end to access CMMS3 DDL
eDDL - electronic Direct Data Link
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
EDIFACT - Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transportation
eFDVS - Ford Design Verification System
eMIX - electronic Manufacturing Information eXchange
Entity - Base of vehicle: Model, Model Year, Body Style, Series, Special Interest, Engine, Transmission
ENX - European Network eXchange
ERS - Evaluated Receipts System
ES - Engineering Specifications
EU1121 - Packaging Data Form used by MH&PE
FASS => First Article Sample Submission
FBBA - CMMS3 Screen, Supplier Contact List
FCPA - Ford Consumer Product Audit
FCSD - Ford Customer Service Division
Feature - Optional part of vehicle: radio type, sunroof, airconditioning, etc.
FEU - Field Evaluation Unit
FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
FPDS - Ford Product Development System
FSLI - Ford Supplier Learning Institute
FSN - Ford Supplier Network
FSP - Ford Supplier Portal
FSS - Full Service Supplier
FTL - Full Truck Load
FTT - First-Time-Through
GAGE R&R - Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility
GALIA - Groupement pour l'Amélioration des Liaisons dans l'Industrie Automobile
GAMT - Global Advertising Management Team
GCAT - Global CATalog
GFT - Getrag-Ford Transmission
GOLFF - Generic Order Level Feature Forecasting
GPDS - Global Product Development System
GPIRS - Global Prototype Inventory Receivable System
GQA - Global Quality Analysis
GSDB - Global Supplier Data Base
GSEC - Global Supplier Electronic Communications
GSEC-Bus - Global Supplier Electronic Commerce Business
GSEC-Conn - Global Supplier Electronic Commerce Connectivity
GVP - Global Vehicle Programming System
HIC - High Impact Characteristic
HTFB - Hard Tool Functional Build
HTS - TradeSphere
HTSA - Heat Treat Self - Assessment
IB - Integrated Build
IPD - In Plant Date
ISIR - Initial Sample Inspection Report
IT - Information Technology
IVS - In Vehicule Software
JIT - Just In Time
JLR - Jaguar Landrover
Job#1 - Serial Production Start Date
KPI - Key Performance Indicator
KPIV - Key Process Input Variable
KPOV - Key Process Output Variable
LEAN - Lean Resource Center
LLP - Lead Logistics Partner
LMV - Light Medium Vehicle
LRR - Launch Readiness Review
LSA - Logistics Self - Assessment
LTL - Less than Truck Load
MEETS - Manufacturing Engineering Equipment and Tooling Systems
MFG - Manufacturing
MH&PE - Material Handling & Packaging Engineering
MMOG - Materials Management Operations Guideline
MMOG/LE - Materials Management Operations Guideline / Logisctics Evaluation
MP - Mars Production
MP&L - Material Planning and Logistics
MPNR - Master Part Number Registry
MS - Material Specifications
MSA - Measurement Systems Analysis
MSD - Minority Supplier Development Program
NAA - National Automotive Association
NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology
np Chart - Chart for monitoring defective-nonconforming individual products
ODC - Original Distribution Centre
ODETTE - Organisation for Data Exchange by Tele-Transmission in Europe
OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OVS - Order Vehicle Scheduling
PAG - Premier Automotive Group
PCMSDS - Powertrain Modul Control System Design Specification
PD - Product Development
PEO - Product Engineering Office
PFMEA - Process Failure Modes & Effects Analysis
PMT - Program Module Team
PP - Pilot Production
PPAP - Production Part Approval Process
Ppk - Performance of process
PPM - Pre-Production Management (Department of MP&L)
PSW - Part Submission Warrant
PTO - Powertrain Operations
PTT - Procurement Timing Tracker
PuS - Pick-Up Sheet
PVA - Percent Value Add
PVT - Plant or Product Vehicle Team
Q&A - Questions & Answers
Q1 - Quality Award for good Suppliers, granted by STA
QOS - Quality Operating System
QR - Quality Rejects
QTR - Quarter
R&R - Roles and Responsibilities
RPN - Risk Priority Number
SAV - Sports Activity Vehicle
SB - Supply Base
SC - Significant Characteristic
SCM - Supply Chain Management
SDPEU - Supplier Delivery Performance Europe
SDS - System Design Specification
SDS - Supplier Direct Ship
SEI - Software Engineering Institute
SEN - Supplier Environmental Network
SFMEA - System Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
SHP - Supplier Holiday Pattern
SIM - Supplier Improvement Metrics
SMED - Single Minute Change of Die
SMRT - Supplier Manufacturing Readiness Team
SPC - Statistical Process Control
SPEEDY - Supplier PerformancE on European DeliverY
SPFU - Supply Performance Follow Up
SREA - Supplier Request for Engineering Approval
SRLL - Supplier Recall Lessons Learned
STA - Supplier Technical Assistance
TDD - Target Delivery Date
TGW - Things Gone Wrong
TMS - Transport Management System
TPM - Total Productive Maintenance
TPO - Targeted Product Offerings
TT - Transit Time
TT - Tooling Trial
URL - Uniform Resource Locator
USTOX - US Toxicology
VDA - Verein Deutscher Automobilindustrie
VDA - Verband der Automobilindustrie - International Standard
VO - Vehicle Operations
VOC - Voice of the Customer
WERS - Worldwide Engineering Release System
WPRC - Warrenty Parts Return Center
YC - Potential Critical Characteristic
YRT - Rolled Throughput Yield
YS - Potential Significant Characteristic


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Re: FORD Acronyms List

Other Ford acronynms:

RSMS = Restricted Substances Material System
ILVS = In-line Vehicle Sequencing
BB = Back Bone Engineering (Dearborn)
VPP = Vehicle Parts Progress
GMIR - Global Materials Integration Reporting
8D = 8D discipline problem solving
G8D = Global 8D
SRT = Supplier Round Table
IQ = Incoming Quality
VQR = Vehicle Quality Review meeting

Others for which I do not have an explanation:

14D =

Geoff Withnell

Re: FORD Acronyms List

No, but I do notice a lot of TLAs. (Three Letter Acronyms).

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Re: FORD Acronyms List

F.A.S.S. = "Fuel-Air separation system " to improve performance of diesel engines.
Don't know 14D.

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Re: FORD Acronyms List

thanks Antoine,

I had not heard about that explanation for FASS (Diesel performance).

FASS review also (and 14D) relate to stop ships, yard holds and field actions. Better not to end up in those situations. So it may be good that not everyone is familiar with these.
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