Ford and Prototype and Child Parts Traceability - Requirements of Ford Q1



Are there any specific procedures or guidelines to comply with the requirements of Ford Q1 with regards to Prototype and child parts traceability and/or documentation?


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I'm not aware of any but its been a while since I've worked on a Ford project at prototype level.

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I just found this site. So here it goes. Ford has a extensive book on prototyping that ends in packaging requirements. On Reporting and tracability an Inspection Report Package is prepared containing 1) PPQI Data Summary 2) Modified ISR 3) Marked-up Blue print. In a nut shell all parts must be 100% checked as per agreed upon, and all the data of the completed part and it's components (with warrants) must be sent to the SQA/SQI engineer. All parts are also serialized for tracing. Believe it or not once you follow these guidelines if used properly it can be a great benifit to both companies.

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Ford Traceability - Requirements of Ford Q1

Hi All,

Trying to find out what Ford's requirements are for lot traceability on welded components. (ie: does the welded part need to be traceable back to the specific weld fixture of a robot?)

And if so does anyone know where I can find this information (ie specification)?


I apply a dot matrix code identifying the build phase and a sequential number to each prototype part which can be related to each individual inspection report.

There is no specific requirement for the child parts, but I maintain material traceability on each batch produced.
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