Ford Announces Change to Supplier Registration Requirements

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Quality Digest/Oct 2001: Ford Motor Co., recently announced that it will transition from requiring its suppliers be QS-9000-registered to requiring them to register to ISO/TS 16949. The move, which is effective immediately, will affect many of its suppliers.
I went to the site listed in the article...
But couldn't find any information or announcement, even by searches. Anyone else receive direct information?

This doesn't affect me directly, as our company doesn't supply for automotive, but education never hurts (much)...


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Ford has never required QS registration, but rather compliance. I'm not sure they're requiring TS registration but I thought that they notified suppliers of their intention to the TS document. I can't remember it being written anywhere, though. Ford's main thing is their QOS leading to Q1 status.

Maybe someone else can cite a letter or something. Bottom line is - QS-9000 is dead. None of the 'big 3' are keeping it.

Hermann - 2011

In their brochure "Setting the Standard / Q1 2002" (published mid Sept.), Ford's expectations include (quote):
- Supplier's quality system is third-party certified to QS-9000 or TS 16949 requirements.


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The registration requirement is new and - it's Q1 'advertisement' only out 1 month - Ford has dropped QS entirely for TS 16949.

Ken K

I also read the article about Ford and looked at their websight for information. Found nothing.
Our company produces many parts for Ford and we have not been informed of any changes thus far concerning TS16949. I guess until we do, it will be QS as usual.
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