Ford D145A - A contract document



I'm wondered. In case that you don't know that document, it might not be your customer requirement. How can your auditor used that document?


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Let us know when you find out what it is. We will all appreciate it.

Dave Stobinski

Ford D145A

Is anyone familiar with the Ford document D145A? Our registrar has this document on a list for an upcoming audit, and we are not familiar with this dociment.

Dave Stobinski

This document was an internal document between Ford and my org. It is not part of the QS-9000 std. The RAB auditor found this document in his records and decided to pursue this area in detail. No one in our org. was familiar with this document by that particular name until the auditor arrived on site and provided an explanation.

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well...the auditor must have seen it at contract review, eh? And if its there as a customer requirement, its auditable.

Auditor Rule #101
Check reference of standards called out at contract review to ensure they are valid and understood, reviewed and communicated to the factory
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