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Ford, Daimler Chrysler and GM Now Require ISO 14001 Registration

Subject: Reply to Mgt. Respon. Question
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 09:11:06 -0400
From: "ISO 9000:2000"
To: "Discuss9000"

October 1, 1999

News: General Motors and Ford Motor Company have both announced last week that all manufacturing suppliers (tier 1) have to comply with ISO 14001. Ford Suppliers have until June 2003, GM suppliers have until December 2002. Please note that we have updated and greatly expanded the ISO 14000 information on our web site available to the public ***DEAD LINK REMOVED*** More 14k material to come later.
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Roger Eastin

I had heard that Ford was going to require suppliers to be compliant to ISO14000, but to me I find it interesting that Chrysler is not requiring it (yet). Especially with their European influence, I thought Chrysler would be right up front. I wonder if there will customer-specific requirements for this standard (as for TS16949)? Anyway, I expect this forum to pick up speed!!


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How about refreshing me on the Tier levels.

This could be interesting for me personally. My present employer has business segments that I know manufactures components for auto industry.


Ford and GM Require ISO14001

Have anyone heard about Ford,s requirement about their supplier to get not only QS9000 but also ISO 14001?


In the Ford-specific requirements section of the QSR manual, it says Ford suppliers are not required to pursue 3rd party registration to QS-9000. When did this change?

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Laura M

I always heard Ford required "compliance" not registration to QS. But they had a deadline..not just working towards.


Captain Nice
Staff member
Well - yeah. You have to have QOS and a plan for QS. Havta have a plan and havta be followin' the plan 'within reason'.

Spaceman Spiff

I just read on the Quality Digest website that GM also announced the ISO14000 compliance requirements for all its suppliers. Here we go again!
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