Ford is introducing an Aluminum F-150 Pick 'em Up Truck


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Ford's next F-150 pickup truck will be made mostly of aluminum, instead of steel, in a bid to save weight. It will likely either be hailed as a breakthrough product to buyers who've made F-150 the bedrock of its business or one that draws comparisons to a 'rolling beer can.'

Ford rolls dice with Aluminum F-150

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Manufacturing experts and steel-industry advocates say that moving to aluminum will require fundamental changes to how Ford truck bodies make their way down the assembly line. Ford is adding thousands of salaried workers including technical engineers to support new-product introductions and assigned Fields, 52, the task of honing its processes after recent bungled rollouts have cost the company lost sales and expensive recalls. The complicated switch to aluminum from steel in the F-150's body contributes to IHS Automotive's estimate that Ford will need to take about six weeks of downtime at each of its truck plants to retool and swap out robots and machinery.

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Why not go a step further and move up to aerospace grade carbon fiber? Folks did it with a Humvee six years ago
http ://www .tpicomposites .com/press-room/archive/tpi-composites-and-armor-holdings-unveil-armys-first-all-composite-military-vehicle.aspx - DEAD LINK UNLINKED (404)
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