IATF 16949 News Ford Motors Customer Specific Requirements Update - Nov 2020

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Last October 28th 2020, the IATF website posted an update for the Ford Motors Company Customer Requirements for IATF 16949:2016 Effective 01 Nov 2020. Ford Covisint Website, posted the same document but it was also posted an update of the Ford Motors Customer Specifics for PPAP 4th Edition effective 01 Nov 2020 as well, this document is not posted yet in the IATF Oversight Website. I attached both documents for your reference.
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Unfortunately, both are copyrighted documents so they had to be removed. If anyone has a link to them on the IATF website it will be appreciated.


Is there anyone WHO knows the differences of Ford CRS between 2016 and 2020? I have both but I have not seen any revision information on new version. Thanks in advance.

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See record of revisions on page 38
The first edition was New release for IATF 16949 February 2017
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