Ford Paint Audit Checklist

Ron Rompen

Trusted Information Resource
Our company is currently considering taking on a contract which would involve painting parts for a Tier I supplier to Ford.

We have been (unofficially) told that part of our qualification process will be to go through the Ford paint supplier audit. However, since this is all being done on the quiet, we are unable to make any direct contact with Ford to request a copy of the audit document so that I can review it.

Does anyone have a copy of the current audit checklist that they use? I have one that is several years old, but I don't know if any changes have been made to it since then.


I would imagine they are going to:

  • assess your process capability to do what they want done.
  • Perhaps they may be looking at technology used, competence of management
  • effectiveness of process controls
  • effectiveness of support process
  • competence of supervision, management and staff in the chain
  • plant capability to handle the required volume
  • plant and equipment suitability
  • facilities.
  • etc

Helmut Jilling

Auditor / Consultant
There is an AIAG document called CQI-12 which deals with Paint, coatings, etc. I would assume that would apply to you, and would assume it would be used in the audit. There might be additional items they audit, but the CQI-12 should be part of that. You can buy a copy on the AIAG website. It is a self-assessment checklist, and your direct customer will typically ask for an annual copy of it.

Ron Rompen

Trusted Information Resource
Thanks to both of you for your reply. Without sounding ungrateful, I can't work with what I imagine they will ask - I expect that there will be very specific items that they are looking for, and I want to ensure that I am prepared to respond to them.

Yes, I have the CQI-12 audit (we use it at our other plant) and we will be completing it after we start actually producing parts here at the new plant. The Ford audit, however, does not always correspond to what is on that audit, and I am hoping to head off any surprises.

Thanks anyway for your input.
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