Ford's Q1:2002 Requirements

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David McGan

I noticed that the Q1:2002 Summary document is already available as a pdf here.

I haven't seen the actual "Manufacturing Site Assessment form yet, so I'm attaching it here. My Ford STA appreciates my efforts to make it widely distributed.


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John Swartz


We have tried and tried to submit a Q1 (pre-2002) petition package to our Ford Purchasing agent with zero luck. We have tried for 2 years. I am certain that the Ford Buyer is our STA so why don't they help? What's really a pain is going back to our old FOrd projects and obtaining recommendation letters from them.
We are equipment suppliers (tier 1 and 2), QS9000TE, our parent company is ISO14001 and we're going for it in May '02).

Has anyone else had problems with their STAs? Any suggestions?

David McGan

John, the reluctance to approve any pre-Q1:2002 might be because any current pre-Q1:2002 Q1's are now obsolete and all suppliers must be "requalified" to the Q1:2002 requirements.

As for STA's, they will have a lot of input as to whether or not a company is granted Q1:2002 status, as many of the assessment criteria are somewhat subjective.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I don't know what to tell you. My luck with Ford on any level has been a :frust: experience.


From the Ford "Q1 Manual";

Ford Supplier Technical Assistance (STA) will guide you through the Q1 process.
The first thing you'll need to do is contact your Ford STA site engineer."

"Must be registered to QS9000 or TS 16949 and ISO14000, required for new applicants. Must comply with MS-9000 (MMOG).
Suppliers must have at least six consecutive months of production or service shipping history. "
These two quotes are not the complete section of "Applying for Q1 2002". I would suggest you go to the Ford supplier network and obtain the complete manual.

Also, prior to the on-site survey you must have six months of acceptable quality and delivery history, including ASN timeliness and accuracy.

John Swartz

Thanks, everyone, your insight has been helpful. Bottom line is we are at their [STAs] whim.

We have just completed (Nov '01) a new e-coat paint shop for Ford at their St. Thomas AP in Canada. We were not even Q1 when we were awarded the contract. Regardless, the job went in and we've heard nothing but accolades from the plant.

Even Ford Engineering wants to use us on future projects, but they're not having luck getting thru to the STAs [read Purchasing] either. Seems as though an empire has been built within the Ford realm.

Randy Stewart

For the Tooling and Equipment suppliers for Ford you have to be Chosen to even apply. The pre-requisites are similar, ISO-14000, TE-9000 and QOS. I did enjoy the humor of "You have been CHOSEN".:vfunny:


The Ford empire.

John Swartz,
Seems as though an empire has been built within the Ford realm.

I know exactly what you mean John.
Ford have allowed management of the Q1 status to be rather domineering to say the least, the management style of Ford in general allows management by intimidation regarding suppliers. Internally? (I just won't go there right now):frust:
Well maybe I will off line!


We are tooling suppliar and recieved a letter stating that our products are not targeted for Q102. Only products that the go on the car will be targeted.


John Swartz


I would sure like to see that letter! It might be just what I need to get my President off my back!

I was always under the impression that Q1 was for production parts suppliers, not the T&E crowd. I'm afraid, though, that Ford will probably tweak the Q1 requirements some day just for us T&E'ers. Until then I will strive to continuously improve!

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