Ford's Q1:2002 Requirements

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Randy Stewart

John, your worst nightmare is upon you. We are a TE supplier to Ford and have been Q1 for 2 years now! We were their beta test site. Last year we were told we were choosen, again, for the Q1 2002 crap shoot. In addition they included our new facility which is responsible for production fixture "DESIGNS". Again we will be a test site to see how this applies. The 28 questions for R&M should be a great deal of fun trying to apply to a fixture design, don't you think? It was a nightmare on die designs but at least we could do MTTR & MTBF studies.:frust:

Manoj Mathur

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We shall have our final certification audit for TS-16949:2002 (2nd edition) in September 2002. and finally certification to this standard. But as i understood from Q1:2002 Standard, SUPPLIER MUST HAVE CERTIFICATION OF TS 16949 ON FEBURARY 2002. If this is the case have we already lost 250 points????


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Actual Manual?

Does anyone have an actual MANUAL for the new Q1:2002?

I don't mean the highly polished management overview that was presented to suppliers. I mean the updated equivilant of the old Q101 book. It would sure be nice to have some clear definitions of some of the requirements (OS, HIC, PTC, etc.) other than what you can glean from the new survey checklist.

David McGan

I haven't seen anything other than the "highly polished" overview. I guess Ford expects us to search through their on-line database, or work with the STA, to get specific information we need. All the "acronymic" topics you speak of will have to be gleaned from a multitude of resources. Nothing is simple in life -- especially dealing with the automotive industry -- anymore.

John Swartz

We're a TE supplier to Ford and have a meeting in a couple weeks with our STA to go over Q1:2002 and I'll see if they have a copy of an actual manual. If so, I'll let you know. If possible, I'll scan it and post it here.

matthew evans - 2002

Q1 requirements manual

Hello everyone.

I am in a similar position to you all. We are a TE supplier to Fords going through the process of requalifying to the new Q1.

Please find attached a copy of the Q1:2002 requirements manual.


Happy hunting.

p.s. If the file attachment has not worked send me your e-mail addresses and I will send the manual to you.


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Ford Manufacturing Site Assessment (MSA)

Good Afternoon All: I am in the process of completing our MSA for Ford and one of the requirements (I.3. Employee Readiness/Training Review) states
" Training records of key salaried personnel (i.e., QC manager, Incoming Receiving managers, etc.) are reviewed regularly for compliance." Does anyone do this, if so, can you please describe the system you use. I requested supporting evidence of this activity from our HR Manager and was told I needed to find out more about the requirement as he was not sure exactly what I was looking for. He waws sure however, we are not doing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you:




Ford's Q1:2002 Requirements - Commodity PPM


we having some trouble wih our latest PPM rates. Now we wnat to start a discussion about to increase our Commodity PPM (33 PPM) we have at the moment with Ford in the Q1 Rating system.

Can you tell me as Ford Suppliers were your values for the Commodity PPM is?
I need to now if 33 is a low or average value.




Hello sir(s),

We need help on the below from U.We are new to this requirement.

Two days back, we face FORD Q1 Audit, In (Q1) Meanufacturing site Assement checklick under point II.5.4 , the following are the requirements.

Supplier has a documented "Dropped/damaged gauge" policy that is followed by all employees. This ensures that only functional, in-specification gauges are used.

for the above there is a action plan for Records of dropped/damaged gauges are in compliance.

Any body having the policy on the above,pl share with us.

Thanks in advance.

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