Ford's QOS and ISO 9001 correlation.


Bob Ablondi

I'm doing an assessment of a supplier to Ford. Based on Ford's QOS Assment Checklist, Ifeel that certain clauses address Ford's requirements. Can the supplier take credit for these Clauses?

Sasikumar G M

Yes the supplier can also take the credit


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Al Dyer

It sounds like the supplier has taken Ford's QOS into consideration and included it in there quality system. If this is so I believe that the requirement is covered. We also include all supplier requirements into our base system and don't cover them as a separate system. Seems to work for us.



Can anyone e-mail me information on Fords QOS? It would be greatly appreciated.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I think edcor sells a QOS primer. All QOS is is defining measureables and then analyzing them. If you're QS-9000 you should meet all the QOS requirements.

Scott Robinson

It is true that if you are QS certified you are probably meeting the intent of the Ford QOS. I don't know about you guys in the States but over here Ford have launched the Q1 2002. A part of that is having a QOS process. They recommend that you have systems in place to monitor a range of customer KPI's.
these can be found on page 37 of the Q1 2002 handbook.
They are:
Ppk/Cpk tracking mechanism
Gauge R&R tracking mechanism
APQP tracking mechanism
Internal Audit tracking mechanism
Lean tracking, such as First Time through (FTT)
(FTT) to do this pick a key point within a process and monitor the number of items that don't pass through that point first time ie. Rejects or rework. I use a np chart using a work order qty as the batch lot.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
(OEE) This looks at 3 things. Availability, Performance and Quality. I can forward you the calcs if you want.
Dock to Dock (DTD)
(DTD) is the Total on hand inventory of a selected stock item. This includes stock in store, in process and finished goods. I don't include quarantined parts. Divide your on hand inventory by your end of line rate which is calculated pces out put per wk / prod hours per wk.
Things Gone Wrong Short term and long term (Warranty Claims)
Warranty costs per unit short term and long term
Analysis of Field Return parts
Customer Satisfaction Short term and Long term
Naturally you have to monitor these KPI's (monthly) against a benchmark and implement corrective action where needed.
I have been using a simple excel spreadsheet. I will stick it in but it does not cover all the KPI's as these are done else where and has a couple extra things I monitor (just for the fun of it)
Hope this is of some help.


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Randy Stewart

Not Completely

To answer your question, QS will get you about 90% there. QOS requires specific measurables to be reviewed, including minority supplier development and On Time Delivery. Plus you have to monitor your SIM (Supplier Improvement Metrics) from Ford.
The main issue with Q1 2002 is that you have to be selected to even be considered. If you're not on Ford's list, even if you comply with everything you're not Q1.
Hope this helps.:agree:
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