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FORD's QOS (Quality Operating System) and Ford's Q1


Theron Taylor

We are looking for a software package that will help us manage the QOS program required by FORD. If you are using a package and or know of a package that fits this need, please respond to this posting and or E-Mail a message to ttaylor - at - Thanks.

Bryon C Simmons

As far as I know, there is no specific software for QOS compliance. If you are operating a QS-9000 system, or even an ISO system, you are pretty much doing all the things you need to do to comply with QOS. All the QOS system is is a set of business measureabbles,with established goals, and evidence of progress towards those goals.

A solid QS system will give you those things...such as OTD, PPM analysis, Customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction, etc.

After implementing a QOS/QS/TE system over the last three years, the QOS was done by default, while accomplishing the other things....

We have Ford bigwigs coming in tomorrow, to present us with our Q1 flag, and plaque..big doinds for our company.



Theron Taylor

Barb and Bryon, thanks for the reply. We are a QS9000 supplier, but were looking for software that could be used to generate the charts and keep track of the whole Ford QOS thing. Barb, I am not familar with ISI, can you give me a phone number or address? Thanks


Captain Nice
Staff member
I think most companies track QOS data in Excel or you could use access for data. The pretty charts are generally from Excel. Higher level analysis might use StatView, DeltaGraph, SAS or other statistical package. Typically, however, the measurables and the analysis are relatively simple as they're manufacturing related data. While somewhat predictive, they are typically used for watching current and past trends. A company following the spirit of the QOS (which I believe should be a part of any company's systems anyway) will actually use the data to predict and base decisions on this data in concert with other predictive methodologies for continuous improvement (like in management reviews, as an example, and in 'daily shift meetings' as another).

I have not seen a package which is aimed solely at QOS. But I'm not looking for one, either. The others would know better than me.

Theron Taylor

Marc, thanks for the info. We are currently using excel and access. Some of our people thought there may be a dedicated software package out there that was more integrated than what we are now doing. I agree with your evaluation. We currently meet the intent of the requirement with our QS9000 systems. Also Barb, thanks for the address, I will check them out.
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