Ford's R&M (Reliability and Maintainability) Program - No MTTF or MTTR data



Ford R&M

Is there anyone in the midwest willing to let me come and observe their R&M process? Or can anyone give me some sage advice? We produce macihine tools and have no MTTF or MTTR data. Does anyone have experience with the Fred Tree software and do I need to get the training for it or can I just pick it up?

Randy Stewart

Is it a requirement?

Are you required to achieve TE-9000 or Q1? If not don't worry about it and if you are I have the 28 questions and format that Ford wants to see. My work email is in my profile and I'd be happy to help. Let me know.


Randy, Thanks for the response. Q1 is what we are after and the R&M portion is my problem...Thanks!!!
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